Ich erstelle für Sie fotorealistische 3D-Visualisierungen, 3D-Modelle, Internetseiten und Grafiken auf höchstem Niveau und setze Ihr Produkt oder Ihre Idee eindrucksvoll in Szene.

Wenn Sie Fragen haben bin ich selbstverständlich jederzeit auch persönlich unter 0177 328 198 4 oder per E-Mail unter levin@heselhaus.org für Sie da. Ich freue mich über Ihre Kontaktaufnahme.

Below you will find examples of my 3D renders, animations and Real Time 3D Models. Have a look around and don’t hestitate to contact me if you are interested in my services for your next project.

Modeling & Texturing

I have experience in polygon, NURBS, and Sub-D modeling in both Maya and 3Ds Max as well as Blender. I have also worked with advanced modeling programs such as Mudbox and ZBrush. Though I create many of my textures with Photoshop, I have also created several complex shaders in Maya, 3Ds Max, and Blender.


I have worked with Realflow and Houdini, but, for the bulk of my work, I prefer to utilize Maya for my dynamics. Past animations have included particle animations, rigid body and soft body simulations.

Lighting & Rendering

I primarily do the bulk of my rendering with Cycles in Blender and am familiar with all associated shader, texture, and lighting nodes as well as Image Based Lighting with HDRI. I have also utilized Arnold and VRay in Maya and 3Ds Max.

Skills & Tools

Specifically, my 3D skills include modeling, texturing, lighting, dynamics, and rendering. I also have experience with related disciplines such as camera matching, compositing, editing, and motion graphics.

In addition to being proficient in Linux and Windows environments, my relevant 3d application experience includes Maya, Blender, 3Ds Max, ZBrush, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and PfTrack among others.